Mt. Diablo Adult Education Organizing classes are taught by Gloria Bullock and held at PHEC, One Santa Barbara Road, Pleasant Hill, CA.

Each class is one night only and held from 7-9 PM.

For classes offered for the current quarter, dates and registration, go to:
Mt. Diablo Adult Education Classes (check the course headings under the “Home” button.

It’s Ok To Let It Go!  

Too much stuff but can’t let go? Buried in sentimental things? Want your life back? This is the class for you! Examine how things creep into your life. Learn strategies to prioritize and let go of excess. Section 95279001.

Organize Your Garage In No Time!

You don’t need to empty your garage entirely to get it organized. You can do it a few hours at a time. Learn a system of organizing that enables you to be fast and decisive. Become familiar with products that can help you effectively store the things you keep. The information presented can be used to organize any storage area. Section 95276001.

Organize Your Way

Have you organized the way the books tell you to but it doesn’t work? Do you like your papers in piles rather than files? Then this is the class for you. Learn to customize your organizing to fit who you are and how you work.

Roadblocks to Organizing

What keeps you from getting organized?  Do you tell yourself you’ll do it later (procrastinator) or you don’t have the time to do it right (perfectionist)? Is your clutter keeping you from enjoying life? Counteract your mental and emotional roadblocks. Section 95232001.

Simple Organizing

Clutter getting out of control? Can’t find anything? Overwhelmed? Want to get organized but don’t know where to start? This is your class! Learn a simple strategy that works to get you organized and then maintain it. Section 95277001.

So Much Paper, So Little Time

Does paper come in so fast that you can’t process it?  Are you overwhelmed by too many piles? Do you frantically search for papers you need? How long do you need to keep certain papers? Learn how to stay on top of your paper. Section 95230001.

Stop Procrastinating and Control Your Time

Do you procrastinate? What would you do with extra time? Break the procrastination habit now. Learn how to be in charge of your time based on who you are. Reach your goals with less stress and have more “me” time. Section 95231001.