“Gloria saved me money by helping me declutter. My home sold faster and moving costs were lower. Effective storage in my smaller home allows me to quickly and easily put things away. My life runs a lot smoother and I can now relax.”
D.M., Pleasant Hill

“I had been overwhelmed for years by the piles of clutter that continued to grow in my home. Gloria simplified the task of organizing. She gave me encouragement and kept me moving in a forward direction when I wanted to give up. She was patient and non-judgmental when I was slow at making decisions. She helped me develop routines that worked so I wouldn’t slide back into old habits. As my home was restored to order, my depression lifted. Once again, I enjoy life.”
D.K., Walnut Creek

“With Gloria’s help we combined our two households after getting married. She kept us on task. We finished faster and were less stressed than if we had worked on our own.”
L. and B., Martinez

“With Gloria’s help and direction, we accomplished in just four sessions what I have tried to do for over a year. When I tried to organize my craft room alone I would move some things, feel overwhelmed, and quit. Now, the results are dramatic. My crafts are accessible so I can work on them without spending an hour clearing space and finding my materials. I feel energized and motivated to continue the organizational process throughout my home.”
M.K., Nurse

“Thank you, Gloria, for restoring my sanity. I can now prepare food on my kitchen counters and eat on my dining table. The stacks of paper are gone.”
J.B., Concord

“Gloria helped me clean out a storage locker that I hadn’t opened in 2 years. The money I had paid for storage rental covered her fee. Then I used the money to reward myself… every month after that.”
H.S., engineer